E3X-A11 Fiber optic amplifier

Classification: Sensor - Optical Fiber

E3X-A11 Fiber optic amplifier


1. Main feature

-8 rotary knob adjustment can be carried out to adjust the mico-size-fits-all.

-Traditional product testing distance of 2.

-be a poor variable knob

-the use of pulsed light to carry out 20us ultra-high-speed- response.

-green to learn the source of subtle color difference can detected.


2.the main parameters



General-purpose NPN output

Model : E3X-A11

Light source (light-emittingwavelength)

Red light-emitting diode (660mm)

Power supply

DC 10~30V with the pulse (p-p) 10%

Current consumption

The following 35mA

Current control

DC35-voltage power load below 100mA load current (voltage to remain below 1v)open-colletor output type(npn/pnp output varies as a result of the form) to light when the ON/ shading ON when the switch –conversion.

Response time

Reset action, the following 200us

Sensitivity adjust

8 rotary knob without end (with indicator)

Protection circuit

Protection against the power connection,output short circuit protection to provent interference function


Smooth by the light, incandescent; 3000rx below, fellow the sun 10000rx

Ambient temperature

When action:-25°C+55°C, save time:40~70°c (there can not be phenomenon of condensation.)

Surrounding humidity

35~85%RH, Save: save time:35~95%RH (can not have the phenomenon of condensation)

Insulation resistance

20mΩ aboveDC500MV to trillion dollars

With stand voltage

AC1.000V 50/60Hz 1min

Vibration (durable)

10~55HZ complex ampliture 1.5mm X, Y, Z direction if the 2h.

The impact of (durable)

500m/s2 X,Y,Z direction of the 3rd.

Protection of the structure

IBC standard IP50(when the installation of the protective cover)


Open-wire leads (standard long line 2m)

Weight (in packing cases)




Heat-resistant ABS

The protective shield



The installation of metal accessories used to adjust screwdriver, operation manuals.